Spine Surgery

The following sets of the surgical retractor system GoldLine by Condor® are available for Spine Surgery:


  • • Cervical access at the cervical spine
  • • Ventral access at the lumbar spine
  • • Thoracic access at the thoracic spine

Spine Surgery: Ventral Access – Lumbar Spine

Highest quality, easy handling and modular flexibility are some of the performance features of the Surgical Retractor System GoldLine by Condor® for Spine Surgery on the lumbar spine.


Spine Surgery: Thoracic Access – Thoracic Spine

With the patented Surgical Retractor System GoldLine by Condor®, we offer ideal surgery preconditions for surgical procedures on the thoracic spine and also offer best flexibility.


Spine Surgery: Cervical Access – Cervical Spine

The Surgical Retractor System GoldLine by Condor® mini-set for Spine Surgery of the cervical spine is particularly user-friendly.