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GoldLine by Condor®

Surgical Retractor System GoldLine by Condor

The proven Surgical Retractor System GoldLine by Condor is characterized by maximum comfort in the field. The basis for this is an intelligent modular system. It includes retractors models that are adapted to all surgical disciplines. Precise and flexible combination opens up possibilities for different tasks.

"Easy to use" from the beginning

No extensive user training is required for the use of the surgical retractor systems. Practical, simple and quick to configure - for these premises is our Surgical Retractor System GoldLine by Condor. On this basis creates an intuitive and easy-to-clean system.

Perfect for any surgical discipline

Surgical retractor systems GoldLine by Condor are the ideal support for each surgeon. You get maximum freedom of movement in the surgical field and relieve highly qualified personnel. The system enables flexible and accurate representation situs, which - once made - remains without any change. Patented blade holders also ensure secure site settings and in depth.

The advantages of the surgical retractor system Goldline by Condor at a glance: 

  • modular interchangeable
  • Compatibility of retractors
  • Multi-functionality
  • 3-D setting
  • ease of use
  • in situs adjustment of the depth
  • electrical safety
  • User training operations accompanied by medical device consultants
  • Easy to clean the device
  • operating costs optimization
  • Certified acc. EN ISO 13485:2012 + AC 2012 CE 0044
  • Discharge of qualified personnel
  • Made in Germany
Interest? We are pleased to offer you a free loan service. Again, you can choose individuell systems according to the modular principle. More information can be found in the individual disciplines. Condor - achieving more.


Instrument holder

Patient safety is the top priority in any operating room. In order to reduce surgery times Condor® provides an instrument holder that can be attached to each Surgical Retractor System GoldLine by Condor®.


Multi-Functional Holder Arm

Precision, cutting costs and saving time - the multi-functional holder arm form the GoldLine by Condor® range offers all of these things.


Laparoscopic liver retractor by Condor®


Ideal condition for a steady situs and a successful operation:
The laparascopic retractor provides a constant retraction of the liver.