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The following sets of the surgical retractor systems are available for gynaecology. Use the components of individual sets to make up your custom-made surgical set.

Maxi System
> Abdominal
> Obesity
Mini System
> Vaginal hysterectomy
> Mamma surgery
Rochard System
> Upper abdominal surgery

Gynaecology: Maxi System – Abdominal

Specially developed to meet the requirements of abdominal hysterectomy, the Condor® GoldLine Abdominal Maxi System allows for perfect precision during this surgery. Furthermore, the system is used frequently and very successful in major abdominal interventions such as Wertheim‘s operation.


Gynaecology: Mini System – Vaginal Hysterectomy

The Condor® Vaginal Mini Set offers ideal support in vaginal interventions. Only one medical assistant is required. Condor gives space to professionals to perform more effective tasks.


Gynaecology: Mini System – Mamma Surgery

The Condor® GoldLine Mamma Mini Set offers ideal support in mamma interventions for lymphadenectomy. The Mamma Mini Set can also be used in breast surgery – LDFR.


General Surgery: Rochard System – Upper Abdomen

The first Rochard System with effortless fine adjustment for upper abdomen and transplantation surgery.
Maximum benefits due to perfect site setting